Been In A Car Accident: 4 Signs You Should Have Your Car Towed

When you're in a car accident, the first thing you need to do is assess your injuries. If you haven't been injured, or you don't need to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance, you'll want to assess your car. If your car appears to be in the condition to be driven, you might decide to drive yourself home from the accident. However, that might not be your best option. [Read More]

Accident Towing: Everything Laid Out for the Newbies

No one knows when they will have an unlucky day on the road. While you may dread the whole idea of a road accident, the truth is that these events happen when you least expect them. The way you respond could be the difference between a costly and tedious process or a swift gateway to the best repair shops in town. Indeed, getting your car away from the scene using an accident towing service is the first step to getting there. [Read More]

Towing Your Classic Vehicle? Consider Enclosed Transport

Are you a collector of classic cars? Or did you get your first classic and are transporting it to your home? If so, you should be careful about the towing process. Classic cars are incredibly valuable and stylish, and it's your duty to keep them in excellent condition throughout the towing process. Their parts are rare to find, and the last thing you need is to get stuck with a vehicle that needs repairs. [Read More]

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Is Involved in an Accident

It's a scary thought, and it's hopefully a situation you'll never be involved in. But have you ever wondered what you should do if your vehicle is involved in a traffic accident? Remembering to follow the best practices in such an event can help to get everything back on track afterwards. Any Injuries First things first. Have you or anyone in your vehicle been injured? Call an ambulance if necessary, and remember that it's always better to be safe than sorry. [Read More]